September 21, 2023
Viddle Review

Welcome to My Viddle Review, A 2021 Digital Product With New Interact Version released 2023. I am Nayan from legitreviewblog where i tried to give legit information with details of new digital products.

What Is Vidde Actually?

Viddle is a full-featured video hosting and marketing suite that will make you the first agency to host, play, and advertise your high-quality training, sales, and client films on ANY landing page, blog, Shopify store, or membership site for the maximum lead conversions, sales, and profit.

Viddle Review

It’s no secret that videos are today’s most popular form of content. And a quick check at the findings of several surveys confirms that videos are dominating online content consumption. While the pandemic caused uncertainty, such as budget cuts and a shortage of resources, it also increased the rate at which online material was created and consumed. Everything turned digital, and businesses discovered a new method to communicate with their customers.


Who Can Use Viddle?

Viddle focuses on agencies, but is not restricted to them. If you own an agency, you can easily add this tool Viddle to your arena and charge your clients monthly for video hosting and promotion. That’s very fantastic, in my opinion.
For companies and enterprises, video has become increasingly significant and relevant. Globally, there has been an increase in online video consumption.
While the pandemic caused uncertainty, such as budget cuts and a shortage of resources, it also increased the rate at which online material was created and consumed.
Everything turned digital, and businesses discovered a new method to communicate with their customers.

Local businesses are likewise looking to employ films to help them grow. Real estate agents are creating virtual house tours for buyers using video films.


Coaches and trainers use videos to create training videos. Videos are being used by dentists and surgeons to teach complex treatments. Gym owners use films to demonstrate their equipment and promote supplements to customers.

And they’re searching for someone to assist them in creating, hosting, and marketing their films. And this is where you can pitch in with your hosting services. Viddle can also be used to host any type of video.

VIddle Quick Overview

Viddle is the most simple video hosting and marketing technology available, allowing you to host, play, and market your clients’ HD training, sales, and course videos on ANY landing page, blog, Shopify, or membership site while charging a one-time or recurring fee. At an incredible one-time price, it offers ultra-fast video hosting as well as a mobile friendly Video Player For VSLs, Demo Films, Landing Page Videos, VR 360° Videos, and other marketing videos. With your purchase now, you will receive the Commercial License at no additional cost. This enables you to pitch and sell Video Hosting & Marketing to your clients as a service and charge top cash for it. Viddle can also be used to generate visually attractive videos for your clients.

Creator: Neil Napier

Product: Viddle( New Launched Interact Version)

Launch Date: 2021-May-05

New Interact Version Launched: 2022-December-10

Official Site:

Launch Time: 11:00 EST

Front-End Price: $37

Refund :30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Product Type: Video Funnel Builder

Operating System: Video Hosting Platform

Rating: 4.5/5

Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Created Viddle: Neil Napier

The Creator of Viddle Name Is Neil Napier who is an Online Marketer and Software Developer with 100,000 customers actively using and benefiting from our products.

Neil Napier The creator

He Also Created some Best Digital products Name RoyalStock, PowrSuite, Local Leader, Content Gorilla AI, Mailvio, Reachout Suite, SyndRanker, SurvAI, EZLocal, Funnelvio, Membervio, Clickvio, AgencyScale and many other high quality software products.

How Viddle Works Really?

Viddle is the Quickest & Easiest Way To Create, Play & Market Videos For Businesses In Just 3 Easy Steps:

  • Step 1: Create/Upload Any Video: Create Professional Videos In Just A Few Clicks Or Import Videos From YouTube Without an API
  • Step 2:  Customize To Match Your Or Your Client’s Brand: Market Your & Client Videos, Engage Viewers And Get Targeted Traffic & Sales
  • Step 3: Publish To Start Generating Leads & Sales: Turn ALL Your & Client Videos Into Boatloads of Cash WITHOUT Selling, Creating Any Websites or Building List.


What Viddle Can Do?

  • Viddle is simple to use: record videos (demo videos, product videos, webinar videos) for clients and collect large sums of money.
  • Dedicated agency license: Provide clients with their own access under your account, allowing them to control their films (and you keep master control)
  • On the go, create, organize, manage, and publish video.
  • Drive infinite viral traffic to your clients’ videos, engage viewers, and increase purchases.
  • Rapid rendering: an ultra-fast hosting server for lightning-fast rendering.
  • There is nothing to download or install because it is entirely cloud-based.

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Viddle Features and Benefits In details

  • State-Of-The-Art Platform: Add, edit and host unlimited videos with 300 GB included storage space. Their drag-n-drop interface and hotkeys make effective video marketing child’s play.
  • All-in-one Video Marketing Tool: Replace multiple software with this one powerful tool. You can upload, host, stream, edit and publish your and client HD videos from your dashboard within seconds.
  • 1-Click Video Importing: Instantly import any types of videos from Youtube/Vimeo WITHOUT any API or extension.
  • Easy Publish Anywhere: They provide you with advanced  embed codes that can help you publish your videos on any site or social media platform of your choice within minutes. You can also upload the content to Viddle cloud with great ease. Go viral within minutes using inline & pop-over codes.
  • Screencast Recording System: Record any part of your screen you want. You can record the audio and video at once or separately if you like.
  • Video Player Customization: Customization is key when you want to add your own personality to your video. A few clicks and witness complete transformation of your video player
  • Revamping & Branding: Add your brand’s brilliant touch by incorporating its colors, logo and other elements into your videos. Then size and position it for optimal viewing.
  • Thumbnail Customization: Create your own striking thumbnail to increase your clicks. Give GIF thumbnails a try to knock your views out of the park.


More Benefits and Features

  • End Screen Customization: Choose your end-screen and personalize it to your specifications to offer a memorable conclusion to your video.
  • Pic To Pic Mode: This mode allows you to accomplish more than two things at once. View the video while also responding to an urgent email. This guarantees that the viewer will never leave your page.
  • Professional Video Editing With Timelines: Drag elements into your timeline to create your own masterpiece in minutes. Add as many films, photos, and audio files as needed. Trim and edit to produce a powerful result every time.
  • Viewing Protection: Keep your video private at all times. Only trustworthy audiences can see your video with password security.
  • Domain Embedding Control: With Viddle, you can pick and choose the domains that can embed your videos. Stop people from “hot-linking’ to your content and using up your bandwidth
  • Deep Insights & Analytics: Find out exactly what worked for your campaign and what didn’t with the help of their detailed, but easy to understand auto-generated reports. You’ll be able to easily repeat your winners and fix the ones that missed the mark.
  • Free Hosting: Viddle hosts your videos for free. You don’t have to pay any recurring or monthly fee.
  • Speed & Playback Controls: Viddle allows viewers to watch your videos without getting annoyed in the process. If they pause the video, they don’t have to watch from the beginning. They can simply pick up where they left off.
  • Monetize With Video Ads: Viddle provides multiple streams of income. Earn huge commissions by inserting overlay and roll action ads.

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New Features In Viddle Interact

  • Accounts can now have a custom domain or subdomain.
  • A video library with over 1,000 videos that can be searched by keyword.
  • Text can be added to increase engagement.
  • Add Links to Buttons (e.g buy now, download now, add to cart etc)
  • Add a Subscription/Optin Form to capture leads.
  • Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, and Mailvio autoresponder integration
  • For scarcity, add a Countdown Timer.
  • Protect your videos by adding a watermark.
  • Increase traffic by including social share buttons.
  • Add an image from our library or upload your own Add Quizzes for the best client feedback
  • Add a Payment Button to your video to receive payments directly. Paypal and Stripe are accepted.
  • Add a Map – ideal for local companies.
  • Without changing the link, replace the video.


Viddle Pricing Review With Upsells And Otos

Now, there are currently 5 upsells in Viddle . You don’t need at all of them to use Viddle, but they may come in useful depending on your situation and usage. There is also a bundle deal.

Viddle OTO 1: Unlimited

As you can see above, the front end offer limits your ability to use Viddle. If you intend to use this for business, I strongly advise you to purchase the oto as you go unlimited plan.

The cost is $197 per year or $297 one-time.

  • Storage is limitless.
  • Boundless customers equals unlimited earning potential.
  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • Unrestricted video recording
  • Import an infinite number of videos from YouTube/Vimeo.
  • Create an infinite number of video channels.
  • a never-ending video playlist
  • All future upgrades are included.
  • 24 hour customer service


New Viddle OTO 2

  • Advanced video access configurations
  • Settings for advanced playlist access
  • Video analytics that is cutting-edge
  • Control over domain embedding
  • Demographic command (country & age restriction)
  • Promote Viddle and retain 100% of the FE revenue.
get started

Viddle OTO 3:  Agency White Label

  • Agency technology that is moving fast
  • Innovative white label technology
  • Include team members.
  • Increase the size of your company.
  • Website with a professional design
  • Custom visuals and a DFY agency website
  • Superior agency scaling materials

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Viddle OTO 4

  • Storage is limitless.
  • Clients forever (agency only)
  • Store and host an unlimited number of websites, pages, photos, videos, powerpoint presentations, ebooks, pdfs, and audios.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and lightning-fast file delivery
  • Storage that is encrypted
  • Video player built-in (includes playback speed control, chromecast support and audio visualization)
  • Option for global file and folder sharing
  • Upload multiple files with progress bar. (5GB or more file share)
  • A file preview
  • File management through drag and drop
  • Recovery of trash
  • When a file or folder is uploaded, an email is sent to the user.
  • A built-in URL shortener is included.
  • Watermarking system built-in for your videos
  • Download the full folder as a zip file.
  • Sorting files based on filename, file size, date posted, last access, and total downloads
  • File statistics in detail
  • Files are safeguarded in many locations.
  • Sharing on social media and creating unique URLs
  • Password security for files and folders

Bundle Deal

If you want complete access to all of Viddle Interact’s upsells, the Ultimate package Bundle deal will save you some money. With this one, you can receive the entire funnel, including all upsells and OTOs, for a single cost.


  • Why is Viddle different to other video hosting services? A. Simply because it’s a one-stop shop… Other programs require a variety of tools to manage videos. When you get Viddle, however, you can host, stream, and publish movies from a single powerful dashboard with endless options. The nicest aspect is that you pay such a low price for such a high-quality product!
  • What are the refund policies? A. Viddle provides a full refund after 14 days of purchase if you are unhappy with their platform. All you have to do is send an email.
  • Is this compatible with both Mac and PC? A. Yes, Viddle works on any device or operating system of your choice. Simply log in to enjoy the Best Viddle platform.
  • Is any training provided? A. Yes, when you purchase Viddle today, you will receive a step-by-step instruction to assist you manage your videos in minutes.
  • Are there any monthly fees? A. You’re in for a treat! Viddle is available at a one-time low price during this limited-time offer. However, towards the end of this promotion, new users will be required to pay a monthly price.
  • Is it possible to control client videos from my dashboard? Absolutely. Their agency license enables you to handle video ads for your clients, allowing you to make large profits with less effort.
  • Will every sub-account receive the same package? A. All Sub-accounts created under the Agency package share your total storage capacity of 300 GB.

The Final Words About Viddle

For companies and enterprises, video has become increasingly significant and relevant. Globally, there has been an upsurge in online video consumption.  While the pandemic induced uncertainty, such as budget cuts and a shortage of resources, it also increased the rate at which online material was created and consumed. Everything turned digital, and businesses discovered a new method to communicate with their customers. Viddle Is One Stop Solution For You As I Tried In My Review to Gather All the Information.

 I sincerely hope that you benefited  in your purchasing decision by my Viddle review. This will have lots of advantages

I tried to gather all the information in my blog today with Legit Information. But If i made any mistake then dont take it seriously. If you are satisfied in my review then you can order Voiclet from my these blog then i will make a small commission thats will inspire me to give you new new digital products information.. Here also special Bonuses i took from Neil Napier for my clients. If you buy from my review then you will get these bonuses.

Finally, If you have any question about any of my reviewed product, Then simply email me at:

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