StockMages Review: Pros and Cons With Demo And Otos

Welcome To my Legitreviewblog and today i am going to review A Digital product name StockMages.If you own a digital agency or provide consulting services to Local businesses, you should see this. A new artificial intelligence (AI) solution has just been released that enables it DEAD-EASY to generate high-quality marketing material for any Local niche.

It is the ONE AND ONLY Image Creation Bundle created especially for Digital Agencies and Small Local Businesses.


It allows you to quickly and easily produce sales-driving picture material for your company’s social media pages and profiles, websites, blogs, video thumbnails, social media advertisements, and more.

You may use this to generate images for LOCAL businesses ranging from Social Media Posts and Ads to Website Blog Posts.

StockMages Review :Introduction is the only website that provides a No Background Image Bundle designed specifically for Digital Agencies and Local Businesses.

It enables you to create sales-driving content fast and easily for your company’s social media, websites, video thumbnails, Facebook advertisements, and more.

If you don’t outsource the time-consuming work of content generation, you can only service a few clients.


The difficult part is that you cannot simply outsource this to any VA, because quality content is a HUGE sales-driving component regardless of your activity Fortunately, StockMages can SOLVE this major issue. It’s like if you had a 5-star Designer at your disposal (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Check the Full Stockmages Review as partwise to know more.

Stockmages Quick Overview

Creator:Ali G.
Launch Date:2022-Nov-18
Launch Time:09:00 EST
Front-End Price:$37
Recommendation:Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Operating SystemWeb App
DiscountCheck The Bonuses
Skill Level NeededAll Levels

What is Really StockMages?

StockMages is the World’s First Content Creator Bundle for Smart Marketers, Entrepreneurs, SMBs, and Social Media Agencies – it enables anybody to generate jaw-dropping and conversion-focused photos for any local business niche or industry.

It makes it quick and simple to create sales-driving content for corporate social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and others. Stockmages can also be utilized on websites, Linkedin, videos, and other platforms.


These also functions as a money-making machine, assisting your clients in creating original and limitless material and selling it online.

Stockmages provides everything you need to get started quickly developing fresh content.

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StockMages Special Features To Help You

  • Over 3500+ High-Quality, NO Background Images to quickly build limitless scenes in any Local Business area!
  • The Over-the-Shoulder Video Training that will quickly turn you become an image editing pro!
  • With each click, you may create 100% original “Plagiarism-Free” image material.
  • With a few clicks, you can transform any underperforming website into a sales machine.
  • More than 1500 Background Images and Textures with High Conversion Rates
  • It is compatible with any image or video editing software!
  • And even more surprises (you’ll find out as soon as you join).
  • 3500+ Professionally Cut Out Images in PNG Format Available Immediately!
  • 1500+ Backgrounds for the Ideal Scene
  • 20 Local Business Niche Categories Carefully Organized!
  • All image or video software is compatible!
  • Within 3 minutes, you can create an unlimited number of scenes like a pro!


  • Create one-of-a-kind images for your company and clients.
  • Make Your Videos Far More Engaging by Using No Background Images.
  • Image customization for online or offline advertising.
  • Save time and money by searching for “fresh” images on the internet.


Vendor Of Stockmages

Ali G is an internet entrepreneur who, through his company AliG Marketing LLC, specializes in offering software solutions for online marketers.

Ali G and his crew have built numerous fantastic digital products over the previous few years, including Meme Buddy, Lingo Blaster, and others. He made this Stockmages and gifted us these special digital software.

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Inside StockMages, you will receive:


Get Instant Access to 5000+ Professionally Cut-Out Images in PNG Format!


Create the Perfect Scene With Our BONUS 5000+ Background Images and Textures!


You Can Use StockMages Images In Any Software That Allows You To Import .png And .jpg Files!



Create Unlimited Scenes Within 3 Minutes With Easy Drag And Drop Move, NO Special Skills are Needed!


We Have Carefully Organized StockMages Images Into 20 Local Business Niche Categories!


The 3 Easy Steps That Will Make You The Go-to Guy When It Comes To Local Marketing in Area.


  • High Quality Content: Create High Quality Content using Profesionally Cut Out NO Images
  • StockMages is Easy to Use: Create Unique Scenes Everytime in 3 Easy Steps.
  • Made For Local Businesses: Carefully Organized Into 20 Local Business Niche Categories!
  • Onetime Payment: You Pay Once, No Recurring Fee!
  • Over 3500+ Images: Use Over 3500+ Real Images That Will Give You Endless Creation Posibilities
  • No More Time and Money: No More Time and Money wasted on daily content.

Pros and Cons Of Stockmages


  • 3500+ resources are available immediately. Images that have been professionally cut out in PNG format!
  • 1500+ Backgrounds for the Ideal Scene
  • 20 Local Business Niche Categories Carefully Organized!
  • All image or video software is compatible!
  • Within 3 minutes, you can create an unlimited number of scenes like a pro!
  • There will be no more money spent on online content.
  • No more wasting time looking for images for your business.
  • There are no recurring fees!
  • Images with Impact: Professionally Cut Out Images
  • Very adaptable: Any image can be combined with any background.
  • Designed for Local Markets: Carefully classified into 20 local niches
  • Tutorial Videos: An Over-the-Shoulder Complete Video Training to Assist You in Achieving Your Goals
  • Drag and Drop: Simple Drag&Drop NO specialized skills are required.
  • Bonuses: Get immediate access to our secret cheatsheets and training to help you close more clients.
  • Designer Elements: All kind of Elements that will assist anyone in becoming a PRO. Included Designer Training: For improved results, professional video instruction is offered.
  • Completely tested: My methods have been validated and tested numerous times by top marketers.
  • Dedicated Support Team: For any questions, our dedicated support team is available 24/7.
  • Included tutorials: Everyone will find very useful and professional tutorials included.
  • Group of Insiders: Updates on improvements and new strategies are made on a regular basis.



Till Now I check Its Working Really well and have satisfied customer support. But You you are not satisfied then simply took 30 Days Money back Refund Policy .

Buy Now wide button review

What is in Stockmages

Video Training in “Bite Size” Steps

In just two hours, you can go from zero to fantastic on Facebook Business Page, with no fluff or filler.

you want results, and you want them now. Who has the time to watch long, boring videos for hours and hours? I want you to be an in-demand local consultant as soon as feasible.

That is why they created their course so that you may complete it in one sitting and develop your own professional Facebook Business Page in less than two hours.


Set-and-Forget Auto-Scheduling Video Training

It’s fine for a website, but what local businesses want on Facebook or other social media platforms is someone who has been at the top of their game for a while, not some fly-by-night chancer.

So, in this short video training, you’ll learn how to effectively schedule your new graphical posts so that Facebook ‘drip feeds’ them over the course of three months.

stockmages review demo

They’ll also show you how to backdate posts. Now you can give the impression of an active, engaging Facebook Business Page that has been active for several weeks, if not months.

Perfect for landing a client right now, even if you’ve only recently begun local marketing.


StockMages Pack gives you EVERYTHING you need for a vibrant, thriving FB Business Page that impresses and WOWS local business owners!

60 Done-For-You “Instant Authority” Social Media Graphics

These will impress potential clients and gain their trust. The creators have put together a package of 60 of our best-performing social media images…

PERFECT for you to just upload to your FB Business Page, Instagram, LinkedIn, your own website or anywhere you like, for instant credibility and exposure. Simply upload and you’re ready to go.


How cool is that, guys? You’re going to have an INSTANT online agency. You’ll get 60 graphics promoting your expertise in the top 5 local marketing services:

  • 20 in Social Media Marketing
  • 10 in SEO
  • 10 in Website building
  • 10 in Chatbots
  • 10 in Reputation marketing

Never again feel like a local business owner isn’t taking you seriously. Now you have the authority that gives you complete confidence to land ANY local client you set your sights on.

Here’s Exactly What You Get With This Amazing Service: Five POWERFUL types of StockMages covering every type of use you could imagine: Opt In Form, Countdown Timer, Call to Action, Content Suggestion, Custom Just Paste in Your Own Code.

Amazingly powerful reporting that allows you to at-a-glance understand.

Access Now Button

how your overlays are performing

  • Visit trends over time
  • Top visited links
  • Most popular referrers
  • Lead capture conversions
  • Visitor browsers
  • And so much more…

You’ll get 70 graphics promoting your expertise in the top 5 local marketing services:

  • 20 in Social Media Marketing
  • 10 in SEO
  • 10 in Website building
  • 10 in Chatbots
  • 10 in Reputation marketing
  • 10 in Google My Business
  • Step-By-Step, “Bite Size” Video Training
  • Set-and-Forget Auto-Scheduling Video Training

StockMages Review :How it works?

StockMages allows you to create unlimited and unique content in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Select the ideal cut out image.
Choose one or more no background images from over 3500 that are suitable for your project.

Step 2 Select the ideal background
Any background you choose will complement your chosen no background image perfectly.

Step 3: Combine them.
With just a few drag and drop moves, your images will blend seamlessly.

get started


In general, StockMages is a MUST-HAVE for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Marketers
  • Com + Amazon
  • Freelancers
  • Website Owners
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Local businesses
  • Any other kinds of online business

Pricing Review Part With Comparison


  • Instant Access to 3500+ Professionally Cut-Out Images in PNG Format!
  • All Images Categorized Into 20+ Local Business Niche Folders So That You Won’t Spend Time Searching.
  • Over-the-shoulder Video Training For You To LEVEL UP Your Image Blending Skills In 3 Minutes!
  • More Bonuses for Local Marketers After Checkout!
  • 1500+ Background Images For The Perfect Scenes.
  • Bonus Our High Ticket Clients Video Training!
  • Invitation to Our Facebook Mastermind group for Local Marketers!
  • Always Be In Front of Your Competitors!


Special LIMITED-TIME OFFER for StockMages PRO

DOUBLE The Possibilities and UNLOCK NEW StockMages Features and get the RIGHTs to do whatever you want with the images

  • 20 Local Business Categories
  • 40 Local Business Categories
  • 7000+ No Background Images
  • 3000+ Background High-Quality Images
  • Extended License
  • Bonus: 5 EXTRA Suprise Categories

StockMages PRO Is Packed With Features Designed To Take Things To The NEXT LEVEL



As if the 20 local business categories you got already weren’t enough, in the PRO version, we give you 20+ extra categories!
You get new local business categories with new images… like Pest Control, Child Care, Fishing Store, and more…

  1. Automotive Services
  2. Antique Shop – PRO
  3. Barber Shop
  4. Bars & Coffee Shops
  5. Butcher & Farming – PRO
  6. Bakeries
  7. Childcare – PRO
  8. Constructions & Handymans
  9. Clothings Store – PRO
  10. Dental Care
  11. Eye Vision Care – PRO
  12. Electrician
  13. Fishing Shop – PRO
  14. Flower Shop – PRO
  15. Gyms – PRO
  16. Housekeeping
  17. Home Security – PRO
  18. Hotel
  19. Heating & Cooling
  20. Jewelry Store – PRO
  21. Hair & Beauty Salon
  22. Landscaping/Gardening
  23. Locksmith – PRO
  24. Medical
  25. Massage Therapy & Spa – PRO
  26. Moving & Delivery Services
  27. Pound Shop – PRO
  28. Printing Companies – PRO
  29. Plumbers
  30. Pool Cleaning & Maintenance – PRO
  31. Personal Trainer
  32. Pest Control – PRO
  33. Private Events – PRO
  34. Pet Services
  35. Restaurant & Catering
  36. Photography & Videography – PRO
  37. Real Estate Agency
  38. Repair Shop – PRO
  39. Travel Agency
  40. Wood Worker & Furniture – PRO
  41. Weight Loss & Nutritionists


So if you think that the images in the standard version of StockMages look good… Just wait ‘til you see them



There are hundreds of thousands of people searching for a good content creator…
But, creating images is very expensive, and it can cost up to $100 per minute!
And honestly, I can’t blame the creators for charging that much… To create a high-quality image, you need a camera and a lot of fancy software… and that costs a lot of time & money!

But if you have StockMages PRO… You just pick your preferred images and with 3 clicks you have a perfect new image created!
You can sell your images for a fraction of what a normal content creator would charge… and still cash in anywhere from $50-$100 for minutes of your work.

BONUS: SURPRISE CATEGORIES 5 extra surprise categories

We’ve got you covered with 5 more surprise categories that include over 1000+ NEW NO Background Images!



The Creator Ali let go of Their designer and made more than $400,000 with Designo.

Make Graphic Designs Without Any Experience

With a few simple drag-and-drop actions, you can create a HIGH CONVERTING design specifically for you!

Cost Effective High Converting Designs
The only Designer Elements Bundle designed just for Small Business Marketers!

The designing apps are difficult to use and lack elements with which to work!

Designo can assist with this!!

Our Team completely customizes all of our parts to meet your specifications! All you need to do is drag and drop to make your design come to life!

The ONLY DESIGNER ELEMENTS BUNDLE IN THE WORLD: This bundle enables local business owners to master graphic design… Finally, make designs that SELL.


EXPLODE Your PROFIT Margins by Selling Your Services to Any Local Business Out There!

Learn Where to Start and End Where You Want!

Put the StockMages system in the right hands and GET PAID just for connecting the dots between clients and service fulfillment.

With StockMages AGENCY, You’ll be able to Build a Self-Running Business Model & SELL Your New Skills WITHOUT Actually Doing ANY of the Hard Work.

  • Instant Access to StockMages Agency
  • Learn HOW To Get Local Traffic
  • Make a Social Media Marketing Plan
  • How to be a Marketing Manager
  • Advanced Pricing Strategies
  • Client-Closing Focused Emails
  • 100 Social Media Marketing Tips
  • DONE-FOR-YOU Agency website

We’ve created the StockMages AGENCY to allow you to connect the dots between your clients and service fulfillment WITHOUT doing ANY of the time-consuming tasks.

By combining StockMages with StockMages Agency, it will be EASY for anyone to get new Clients and Outsource all the HARD Work to a Virtual Assistant.

StockMages Review

We’ll show you HOW to Outsource, WHAT to Outsource and HOW to Find & Hire Virtual Assistants while Keeping 95% of the Profits.

There’s NO friction and NO waiting time for your clients as your VAs handle everything for you while YOU get to focus on attracting NEW clients for your Digital Agency Business

StockMages Agency is built to help You present yourself in front of your
potential clients with AUTHORITY (just like the PROs do it).

We’ll BOOST your Authority to EXPERT status by giving you access to a FULLY customizable DFY Agency Website Template.

Just imagine being backed up by our professional agency website, complete with a dedicated set of features, benefits, and software templates.

One that is fully equipped with pre-populated content and ready to act like a client-closing machine on your behalf!

This stunning-looking, entirely UNIQUE (developed in-house) Done-for-You Professional Agency Website is crafted to HELP You Sell Your New Skills to businesses worldwide and it works like a charm.

This means you can use it and modify it for your brand needs!

It’s also conversion-focused & has pre-populated content that does all the actual selling for you.

You’ll be able to GROW your business at lightning speeds.

Here’s how stunning this looks:

Become the powerful wizard behind a client-closing dedicated dashboard & do the smart choice today!

This could be exactly what’s going to set you apart from the other marketers and consultants out there.

The difference between closing more clients and NO clients are actually the first 1-2 minutes they spend on your website!

StockMages Agency Website is only developed exclusively for a few private clients for $1997.

But right now you have this ONE CHANCE to get all this professional Done For You Agency Website as a FREE bonus for your Agency License Upgrade.
This offer will only be available right now, Once you leave this page it’s gone forever.

Hit the Add to Cart button now, and we will include this in your members’ area.

Don’t miss your chance to triple your profits with small business clients faster than ever! Click the Add to cart button now!

  • Get Local Traffic
  • Get Clients Closing Emails
  • Be a Good Social Media Marketing Manager!
  • Learn Advanced Pricing
  • Make a Marketing Plan

My Review About Stockmages

For me, this software is a game changer because of all of the benefits it offers. As a matter of fact In this digital age, any business (local or online) needs an online presence to build a brand and gain the trust of its audience and potential clients. I feel that this app will benefit your company. This is the foundation of every profitable online business. And You’ll also need it if you want to run a well-oiled business.

StockMages images are formatted in standard PNG with transparent backgrounds, making them compatible with most software. Because these images have no background, you can place them on top of any background, regardless of style or color, and they will blend in seamlessly.

The background images that come with the products are standard JPG files that are also compatible with most software. They will make an excellent combination in any software.

Here are in blog some links to Upgrades for your convenience. You must first purchase the Front-End (FE), after which you may purchase any OTOs you like.

If you buy OTOs on their own, you will receive NOTHING and will have to wait for a refund. Please keep in mind that FE is a required package to ensure that the product works properly.

I was a beta tester for this software and will now show you how to use it.You can take my suggestion. Every word in this article is based on my personal experience, and I will do my best to remain as authentic as possible.

access Now


  • What license will I receive with the StockMages product?
    You will get commercial rights that allow you to use the images for your personal or commercial project. 
  • What is the format of the files?
    The images from StockMages are formatted in standard PNG with transparent backgrounds which are compatible with most software. As these images are without the background you can put them on top of any background regardless of its style and color and they will integrate with them seamlessly.
    The Background Images you will receive with the products are in standard JPG which is also compatible with most software. Together they will make a perfect blend in any software. 
  • How will I receive my order?
    After your order has been processed an email with the download links and instructions will be automatically sent to your email, please check your email for the download links on how to access your ordered products.
  • Where can I get help?
    If you require any support with Their product please contact through online helpdesk.
  • Return and refund policy.
    Please note all refund requests must do through, not PayPal. If you want to request a refund please open a support at Stockmages helpdesk. If you open a dispute on PayPal it will only delay the entire refund process and it can take up to weeks or even months to get the refund done if you open a dispute on PayPal.


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